IL-2 M3 Sturmovik from

It all began with an idea to get a 3D printer for home. The original intention of the 3D printer was to print a parts for my antenna designs. Then came up the idea to print something while the printer wasn´t being used.

I got the inspiration from a sub reddit r/3D_printing to print an airplane and later I discovered a great youtube channel of Richard Mrázek where he mentioned the guys from 3Dlabprint which is a company luckily from the Brno in the Czech Republic.

The very first airplane I wanted to print was IL-2 M3 Sturmovik, it was that time the newset airplane in the shop a and the price of $20 was acceptable for some print tests.

The idea becomes reality just instantly. I very appreciate genereated .gcodes for i3 Průša´s printers. You just put the airplane in the basket, proceed paying via PayPal and in a second you are downloading .STL files and pre-generated .gcodes.

Printing landing gear gondolas
Printer corner with huge 2 kg spool of filament.
Pieces prepared for gluing.
Dry setup
Bottom of wing
Wiring RC electronics built inside
Experiments with PU foam for strenghting the wing
PU core of wing
Preflight picture
Our short video with first flight
Original flight video from